“Ritesh is a true Samurai – great at many many many things. From graphic design to ideation, to research to quick study of technology and then through to delivery, he is someone I can always count on to deliver. The man has amazing talents, is erudite beyond his ears and has an ultra-positive can-do attitude. Will go very very far indeed.”
Ranjan Rajgopaul, Head, IndoGlobal Samurai

“Ritesh is the Most creative person I have come across and I know him from the time he was a child prodigy, being the receipt of a number of awards including the most prestigious – The President’s Award for art and creativity. He is fun and unbelievable when it comes to his talent and he is an adorable person. He is yet to see the Pinnacles of his career although he is an accomplishment by himself. I wish him all the best in his life.”
Venke Char, Founder, President & CEO at Grapevyne Tech Inc.

“Ritesh is a real hands-on person. He has amazing grasping abilities and is able to take charge of situations. An excellent team player, he is organised in his approach and pays attention to details. His proactive attitude is extremely endearing. A fantastic collegue to work with.”
Ranjit Singh, Creative & Biz Consultant

“Ritesh’s Client understanding and his commitment to them is one of the many qualities to be admired. His understanding of any subject you throw at him and his ability to crack open the toughest NUT makes him one of the best I have ever worked with. His zeal to excel every time I start something new with him only assures that they won’t be many “Ritesh’s” I’ll ever come across. If u do believe in the best, you know who to call!”
Shivender Singh, Managing Director, 3ed Studios

“Ritesh Reddy played the crucial role of ensuring that we absorbed the digital work culture. He was involved in managing the production of the second season of Ooga Booga and was entirely responsible for the production pipeline, maintaining charts, taking care of shots, naming convention & storage to name a few. After we started managing the production, the project went off very smoothly and at the same time without loosing on productivity and resulting in better output.”
Vaibhav Kumaresh, Creative Director, Vaibhav Studios