Inspiration can be derived from daily life around us, nature’s beauty or from other interconnected artistic mediums. What we are going to focus on here is research from the oodles of inspiring content on the interwebs. The process of brainstorming is the initial step of researching. When we begin our quest for inspiration, we need not have a specific path, but a general direction.

Lichess: Design Case-study

Lichess provides a minimalist Chess game. I love the simple interface and the use of the minimal color palette no doubt inspired from the very noir nature of the game itself. The simplicity continues through from form to function as the game requires no registration

Design Debutante

The process of design is a process of problem solving. While it is a simplistic approach, it is nonetheless true and thus a designer without an analytical bent of mind is clueless about the responsibilities of good design.¬†Designers are essentially people who would be most happy as¬†a singer or performer, actor, teacher, photographer or even […]

Open Business: Social Media Inspiration

Effect radical change by embracing social media at the core of your business strategy by implementing not just an engagement policy but an educative policy at the very heart of your business.