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Super SEO

  • We want to provide more value to existing and new clients by improving your online presence, search engine rankings and social network reach. SEO & Social Media Combined! Contact us to get started today!
  • What We Do: Using contextual backlinks, retweets, & supportive backlinks we improve your website’s ranking and traffic. Get Started Today! Our link building service will greatly improve your rankings and traffic, and more. We have one of the most advanced link building services around, and you’d be missing out by not getting started today.
  • Ongoing Support & Reporting: We deliver a fresh report to you every 7 days to chart our progress and your sites growth. And ongoing support via email to help your site grow and reach it’s potential.
  • Super SEO is here to help YOU grow your business, and speed up growth and revenue of your business. We also understand that not everyone can afford to splurge on their Online Marketing. That is why our service is so affordable for you. Don’t let your competitors steal your customers away from you!

What is On page and Off page SEO?

  1. On page includes Page Title, Url Structure, Utilization of quality unique content, and Meta Description
  2. On page also includes making content shareable, and unique.
  3. Off page includes promoting the content directly to webmasters (guest posts, link requests, etc)

Link Building

We build links and encourage clients to build quality content to speed up their ability to rank. Our links come from Web 2.0 services like,,, Weebly, Livejournal, etc. We craft content on web 2.0 properties to link to them in link wheels. The purpose isn’t to create marketing hubs, or anything. Just backlinks to improve the indexing of your site on the Search Engines. We create the content, and deploys the backlink to create backlink diversity. We also do retweets from a diverse network of twitter users (quality) about 20 a day on average to help get positive social signals. We get forum backlinks into our Web 2.0 properties to help them get indexed. And one guest post a month from niche sites – a guest blogging post on a high quality blog with links pointing back to the clients site. One a month for a premium backlink. Such relevant authority sites are more important that high PageRank sites as relevance and sometimes social bookmarks are more important.

The Monthly Package Includes:

  • (1) Guest blog on relevant niche site
  • (2) Keywords
  • (20) Natural retweets/day
  • (30) Backlinks a month from web 2.0 properties
  • (1000) Supportive backlinks
  • + Initial 30-minute consulting call
  • + Weekly status report

 Why use Super SEO?

  • Is This Going To Get Me Banned In Google? No, we use only ethical, above board, white hat methods for developing a strong link profile for your website. Nothing we do is banned by Google or will serve to ban your site from Google. And if it was, you could simply sign up and use us against your competition to get them banned from Google.
  • How Does Pricing Work? We have simple, reasonable pricing. You tell us what keywords and website you own, and we will build hundreds of links per month on your behalf to get effective natural rankings. There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you don’t see drastic improvements just send us a request for a refund and we will promptly refund your money, no questions asked.
  • The Value of Guest Blogging: Every blogger has been there: you’ve been blogging for a few weeks, but not many people other than your close friends and relatives ever stop by. Guest blogging sets you apart by putting your content in front of a new audience. It gives you increased exposure, natural organic traffic, and it’s the best advertising there is.
  • Understanding Keywords: We utilize Keyword Research to help you better pick the keywords you want to rank for, and to help maximize the value of your link building campaign.
  • The Value of Natural Retweets: Our Network has thousands and thousands of unique users all standing by ready to spread the word about your website. Some of these user accounts have been established for years so they come with a ton of authority and power. This also helps position you higher in search as Google takes into account social media more and more all the time.
  • What Are Backlinks from Web 2.0 Properties? What we do is create blogs, social media bookmarks, and articles that increase the search engine ranking of your site. It’s all complete ethical, and above board. We utilize Web 2.0 sites like WordPress, Blogspot, Livejournal, Tumblr, and others to make a gravitational shift in your search rankings.
  • What Are Supportive Backlinks? Supportive backlinks are links we build specifically to help the backlinks we create for your site have more authority and effectiveness. We utilize social bookmarking, forums, and other places to rapidly index your backlinks and help Google find your backlinks.

Ranking on Google

To rank on the first few pages of Google, we provide a service that helps magnify these factors of growth to be a part of an online marketing solution. “We don’t get hired to make pretty things or win design awards. We get hired to solve business problems.” – James Bradley. We don’t guarantee Page One rankings but what we do guarantee is massive improvements in your rankings, and traffic. This results in more customers, sales, and it’s damn good for business. Our service can help your website grow rapidly in ways you never imagined!

Expert Speak

“The most successful sites are built on top of cornerstone content. A page of cornerstone content helps readers by pulling all of your content about a specific topic together in one place. In other words, each cornerstone page is a home for related content. Cornerstone pages let you highlight your most important archived content. They also help you attract links, get subscribers, and increase traffic.” ~ Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

“In 2003, engineers at Google filed a patent that would rock the SEO world. Named Document Scoring Based on Document Content Update, the patent not only offered insight into the mind of the world’s largest search engine, but provided an accurate roadmap of the path Google would take for years to come. One of these recent updates was Google’s Freshness Update, which places greater emphasis on returning fresher web content for certain queries. Exactly how Google determines freshness was brilliantly explored by Justin Briggs in his analysis of original Google patents. ” – Cyrus Shepherd, SEOMoz

“Have you noticed how Facebook is trying to become more search engine-like and Google is trying to become more social? I’ve been closely following the search engine wars for years now. Once upon a time the search wars were comprised of Google, MSN and Yahoo! Those days are long gone. Today, it boils down to Google, Facebook and Microsoft Bing.” ~ Bernie Borges, OptimizeThis

“A link that doesn’t make sense in the context of it’s location. Why would a link be here? Does it make sense in this exact spot, page, and with this anchor text? If not, it’s probably a low quality link.” – Ross Hudgens, Full Beaker Lead Generation

“Google wants less spam and more quality content on the web. And you need more links for your website. Guest blogging is the perfect solution to both Google’s wants and your needs. It is the marriage of content development and link building.” – Neil Patel, QuickSprout