be judgmental

the idea of a non-judgmental relationship is like chasing shadows

everyone judges everyone

our judgments are like our skin, keeping us alive, keeping us safe. this layer of discernment in our interactions is what keeps danger at bay

strip away this layer, and you invite danger ⚠️

because trust isn't built on the absence of judgment, but on transparency

you lay out your cards on the table; stating, this is how i'm judging you, this is how i judge myself

honestly laying out the parameters on which your judgment is made, weaves the fabric of trust. declare your parameters for judging others and yourself

this isn't a game of piety; it's the raw truth!

when you say, here’s my measure, you step into clarity and invite others to join in by sharing their measure as well. such honesty forms the bedrock of true relationships

engaging in honest judgment sharpens your worldly view. and it widens your horizon

as you converse, as your worldviews clash, you're upgrading and expanding your parameters

life becomes a dance of raw, real, and intimate exchanges; a trade of truths

each conversation that appears like a battleground can also become a playground where different judgments meet, and you walk away with a broadened perspective

soon, sharing and receiving judgments becomes second nature

and in the end, that’s how we grow - not by pretending to be free of judgment, but by embracing it, owning it, and letting it shape us in all it's glory