my books

in latest news, i've decided to write books. yes, books. yes, not just one but many. why, you ask?

short answer, it's hard to write one book so i figured if i up the ante to writing many, one wouldn't seem so tough after all. you might wanna try this productivity strategy yourself, maybe i'll write a book on it? 😹

well, i have much to say. but i don't have too many people to say it too. and i'm not sure those listening are willing to explore my ideas and actually play with 'em in real life. if you buy my books you're more likely to be invested in 'em than merely interested.

i'm looking to spit one out every month or maybe even weekly if i'm feeling it. effort is overrated and i want my creations to be birthed with the energy of effortlessness and ease. i'm going to keep 'em low ticket so you can buy many and not just one. you can even buy 'em as gifts for others you care about.

as i write 'em, you'll find the rough drafts here along with a link to purchase the final published book 📖 happy reading y'all!

the list