conversation starters

random conversations with strangers are increasingly rare, tho we live in these pools of serendipity aka cities 🌆

the whole point of moving to and living in a city where you have greater likelihood of bumping into people you've never met before is lost, if you don't make that attempt to connect 🤷🏻‍♂️

it doesn't take much. just a smile

smiles make people curious. it makes 'em wonder. it makes even me wonder. why am i smiling?

makes everyone watching wonder, why is that person smiling? and that's enough to create a possibility of conversation

but, what can you talk about with a stranger? well, start with a compliment 💐

it's the easiest way to get a conversation going. by giving a compliment, it's not the praise that matters but the act of giving

you're starting that interaction with a gift 🎁 it's a beautiful way to engage and initiate conversation

we often don't even do this with people we know. but that's an interesting spectrum to play on. what kind of people would you start a conversation with, using a compliment?

i'd say everyone. train your eye to spot something worth complimenting. it ought not to be fake. on the contrary, it needs to be real and genuine for it to make a difference 💯