get your ducks in a row

the idea of getting my ducks in a row is akin to completing preparations, becoming efficient and well organized. no doubt phrase alludes to lining up target ducks in a shooting gallery.

but what ducks am i talking about?

my three ducks

my three ducks are called thought, speech, and action tho sometimes i use deed to describe the third duck. (sounds easier and more relevant in been form)

🦆 thought -> thinking
🦆 speech -> speaking
🦆 action/deed -> doing

there's much ado about the first duck as it's an irreverent and obstinate one that has it's own mind. and a manic one at that! one that is often at loggerheads with what the world around might want.

the second one has a lot to say and gets to speak its mind at times. but in most cases it remains silent. the few times it speaks, it's a loud incomprehensible guttural yell that misrepresents it's truth

the third while sounding mighty, might be considered impotent for the action even when executed rarely matches original intention. this duck shrinks from it's duty and shirks it's responsibility with ease but is capable of changing the world with equal effortlessness.

secret of happiness

if i've led you thus far to believe these three ducks of mine aren't my best friends, i'll give it another try and reveal the secret of my happiness.

if i ever got a boon it'd be for my three ducks to always be aligned

yup, it's that simple really! having my three ducks in a row ensures my effortless surfing along the waves of happiness; from fulfillment and satisfaction to enthusiastic ecstasy.

and it's easier than you might think. for i don't really care if i'm talking shit as long as that's really what i'm thinking and doing as well.

the struggle for most begins with the first of my three ducks. thought. everyone wants to control their thoughts, reign 'em in to behave in a certain socially acceptable and productive way. not me. no thought is taboo and none are chaperoned or straitjacketed.

when duck one is let loose to run amok, duck two joins in the fun so my speech soon catches up with my thoughts, seeking expression in the wild. but unlike thought speech needs a safe space so she gets her own sandbox to yodel out loud in, while still embarking on careful excursions into the wild.

the third one needs the most momentum to awaken from it's inertia, but with the intense enthusiasm of both thought and speech, it's a breeze really. the baton firmly handed down from thought to speech to deed, doing shoots out of the hole like a rocket ship!

play together

as with all gargantuan (ad)ventures, the harmony between these three ducks also begins with a simple experiment.

before you bring your ducks in a row, just watch them. observe how aligned or misaligned they are from each other.

how deviant are your thoughts and how dutiful are your actions. or vice versa. you'd be surprised to see what's really going on between these three.

as you begin to see, document your observations. read them out loud to yourself or share it with a friend. you might want corroborative confirmation on what you see. what others see is often rather different from your point of view. note them down as well.

that's it! there's nothing else to be done. no second step. just play with the flywheel of observation and documentation until you'll find your three ducks falling into a row effortlessly.

and that's the way we love to play! 🥳 if you're still curious, you might wanna play with me too.