enraged by outrage

why, oh why, do we humans love to protest? there's a raw energy in protests - aggressive and empathetic at the same time. it makes me wonder if our attraction to outrage has something to do with agency.

we all have circle of concern and influence. if these circles overlap just right, life feels satisfying. but when my circle of influence shrinks, i feel powerless and seek potency elsewhere. that's when my circle of concern grows wider, allowing more people into it; making me part of a larger herd where i can feel powerful again.

this is nothing new: mob justice has been around forever. humans naturally gather in groups for survival – tribes back then; nations today – but does this craving for power via a group hinder individual growth?

maybe it's just me, but i prefer focusing on my own experience instead of relying on collective power. not that collective emotions don't have their place; but if i don't uncover my prime potential as individual, won't i just be leeching from the group?

the goal is reaching maximum potential as an individual while expanding one's circle gradually: from self to buddy, family or team, community... eventually realizing we're all connected worldwide.

how might we transcend beyond ourselves towards the collective without losing sight of our individuality?