fall first fall fast

the concept of embracing failure is not just a philosophical stance but a practical strategy in the pursuit of mastery and growth. the adage ‘fall first and fall fast’ encapsulates the essence of this approach. it suggests that one should not only accept the inevitability of falling but also actively engage with it.

falling, in this context, is a metaphor for failing, and the advice is to do so quickly and initially. this is because the fear of falling often holds us back more than the act itself. by choosing to fall first, we take control of the fear. we acknowledge that falling is a part of the learning process and that it is, in fact, a precursor to success.

the rationale behind falling fast is that the quicker we fail, the quicker we can learn from our mistakes. it’s a method of rapid iteration, where each fall is an opportunity to gather feedback, make adjustments, and improve. this process accelerates learning and development, allowing one to progress more swiftly on their journey, whatever it may be.

in any endeavor that involves risk—be it physical, like skateboarding, or intellectual, like coding—there are positions of failure. these are the points where balance is lost, and a fall is imminent. by exploring these positions deliberately, one can become familiar with them. this familiarity breeds confidence, as the fear of the unknown is often what makes falling seem daunting.

moreover, when one falls first, they set the pace of their journey. they are not dragged down by hesitation or the weight of potential failure. instead, they move forward with the knowledge that they have already encountered the worst and survived. this mindset transforms the act of falling from a setback into a stepping stone.

thus, ‘fall first and fall fast’ is more than just a catchy phrase. it is a call to action—a call to embrace the falls, the failures, and the missteps, for they are the milestones of growth. it is a reminder that in the tapestry of our endeavors, the threads of failure are interwoven with those of success, and together, they create the rich, complex pattern of our experiences. so, let us not shy away from falling. let us fall with purpose, with grace, and with an eye towards the lessons that each tumble can teach us. for it is through falling that we learn to rise, and it is through rising that we find our way forward.