play with skill for thrill

when you first start playing, it's all raw and wild. no rules to box you in, no roles to play except your own skin. time? what's that? the game doesn't care for clocks

but then, players get good - real good - and to still get your thrill the game needs a level up. with free play, you don't need to plan this; it just happens. everyone's leveling up without even trying. so long as you remain in the playground ie

slap on some rules though, and now we're crafting levels like distillers brewing moonshine – gotta make sure each sip hits harder than the last

in free play, thrills chase skills or maybe it’s the other way around. stick around long enough in the playground and they'll both find you – if fear doesn’t chase you off first

most grown ups can’t stomach uncertainty; they need scores flashing their worth, crowds roaring their name. so they shy from these rule-less jungles – too quiet and too wild for their liking

keeping a playground alive with chaos is tough business when everyone wants a map of where X marks the spot!

games are funny things: low floors but also high ceilings most never touch because they’re scared of heights or maybe just tired from climbing (playing) all day every day

it’s on us to push through that beginner dirt till we hit gold and discover veins throbbing with skill & thrill alike while still keeping our bones intact for tomorrow's playtime again

outsourcing your gaming spirit to coaches ain't gonna cut it forever; gotta know how deep into this rabbit hole you wanna dive before calling quits

awareness is key here - know your place in this madhouse of a playground we call samsara, the eternal game where thrills and spills are waiting to challenge you

whatcha gonna do when they come for you? will you slide smoothly past, jump over 'em, wrestle em down to submission or fall flat on your face?

in your answers to these questions lie the skills you seek 🥳 so gtfo + play!