skill issue vs will issue

it's a funny thing we all wrestle with. we often place immense emphasis on skill; obsessing over expertise. and at other times, it's all about the will; that burning desire to push forward, to grasp at something with all you've got!

these days, many are brimming with skill but seem bone-dry on will; meaning crisis anyone?

but there's something about the human condition - about how we're wired, that makes sheer will a rare commodity, yet vital for both individual & collective survival

on the flip side, we've got folks with will spilling out of their pockets but not a skill in sight. in a way, that's an easier knot to untie - develop desired skill. not that i think either is really a "problem" needing fixing 🤷🏻‍♂️

but here's a thought, something that dances on the edge of fun - if you're all will, no skill, why not find someone who's got what you lack? and if skill is your card, look for someone burning with will 🫱🏽‍🫲🏻

it's like mixing whiskey with the night - you never know what stories will spill out. only, instead of simply sharing stories, you're building something real that will sustain you, your buddy, and the community gathering around