talk about failing and falling

people wonder why i'm always talking, writing and speaking about falling & failing - it's because not enough people are doing it!

there's something raw and unspoken about failure - it needs to be part of our community lexicon, needs to weave into the fabric of our daily conversations

can't keep chasing success as the only thing that matters, like a fool chasing the ever-elusive wind πŸ’¨

you can't even get anywhere near the success you seek without getting acquainted with failure!

it's not just about falling, it's about getting comfortable with it. about turning it into a game, a dance, a caress from an old, familiar lover - gravity

the magic you seek isn't at the end of the rainbow 🌈 it’s right here, in the stretch of colors splashed across the sky

that's your real pot of gold - failing and falling, the raw invincibility of living on the edge where danger dances thru the poetry of life πŸ’ƒπŸ»