tumble and fumble around

when we set sights on the wild terrains of an adventure, there's a kind of urgency that begs for recklessness without anchor

learning is such an adventure. there's a thirst for what's beyond the next bend, in relentless pursuit of the horizon of perfection

yet we chase skills in a planned progression, assuming this is the only way, the efficient path. this notion that one must crawl before they sprint, mumble before eloquence can grace their lips - is a tired old tune

why this adamant insistence on a sequence when life itself is a glorious jumble of happenings, a chaos that asks for no man's permission?

in the vein of those who've tread paths both lit and dim, i argue, why not both? i dare you to clutch the night in one hand and dawn in another

you want it all, whispers the wind of wisdom in my ear as i tear thru the terrains of the knowledge landscape in the furious pursuit of now. i want it all, i reply. and i want it now!

so, let's toss that boring ole playbook that dictates the when and the how. let’s scoff at it and saunter into the storm with a laugh, ready to dance with whatever fiend or friend the road offers

after all, the journey's less about the steps taken in solitude than the rhythm we find in the unlikeliest of probabilities

strip the skills you seek to the bone, find truth in the simplicity of the raw, unadorned path. fuel your ride with the fierce, the surreal; dive headfirst into the beautiful madness that is living fully, and fiercely

nod at the beauty in the grim, the grime, in the powerful act of just playing, continuing with conviction despite the despair

here's to walking, to talking, to mastering the art of playing and learning in whatever order chaos deems fit. to the mess, the mystery, and every moment in between

here's to living, not as a series of checkboxes, but as a fluid, vibrant sprawl of experiences, each as valid and vital as the last, for there are no mistakes when i play 🥳 if you don't believe me, fuck around and find out for yourself!