what is your origin story

everyone's got a story, born from the old blood and dreams of those before us. we're just a bunch of tales (missing tails) walking on two legs, but who knows their tale anymore? it’s time to tell the world

because knowing where you came from clears the fog on the road to who you're gonna be

what's your story, morning glory?

the roadmap is actually etched in your bones, guiding you without you even knowing. your past and your future are dancing together, waiting for you to join in the fun

becoming a superhero isn’t about your cape or the adulation of the masses. it's all about finding that purpose, that is your destiny calling out from the echoes of history

the world’s full of voices telling you who to be; but your origin story is the compass pointing you to who you really are!

when you share your story, it’s not just talk. it’s reaffirming your path, your choices, your battles. sometimes it feels like the path picked you, yet deep down, you know it’s your walk, every step of the way

saying it out loud to the world, you begin to believe it more, step by confident step

for the parents out there, it’s a relay race of stories; yours, your forefathers, their forefathers - l weaving a tapestry that your kids will carry on, to build a saga bigger than just one episode or lifetime

it’s about belonging to something vast, a community, a shared heartbeat echoing thru eternity

the future maybe big, scary, and unknown. but when you look back with curiosity, you can use that fear to unlock your past. which surprisingly enough helps you discover what’s ahead

keep connecting the dots to see the big picture emerge. fear turns into an excitement for what comes next!

is telling your story a one-off take? hell no! it’s a daily, weekly, lifelong thing. it’s looking at the big picture while filling in the details day by day. it’s knowing that every moment is a piece of a larger puzzle, your epic in the making!

writing your saga, is not a solo gig. collect the voices of those who’ve been there, who see you in ways you can’t. your crowd, your clan, they add color, depth. outsiders looking in can spot things you’d never see from the inside looking out 👀

so, where does that leave us? with a world full of stories waiting to be told, paths yet uncharted. so dive into your origin story; it’s where your power lies. dig deep, share wide, and watch as your journey unfolds, one honest step at a time 🏁