what's my game?

'what's your game here?'

everyone is curious about the games i play and none would be more curious than i. an adhoc energy takes me in random directions with varying velocity and as described by Brownian motion i'm just one of the many particles floating around in this medium called life.

i don't struggle to go somewhere or do something. i'm down to play, any game, yours or mine. my question though is what's the spirit of the game? not the rules, not the prize, but the spirit that envelops the players in the playground.

identity is the basic game

this basic question of interlinked activity and identity is easily answered without explicit expression, by one's profession. what we do everyday of our lives defines us to the world and thus everyone's satisfied as long as you answer the question:

so what do you do?

from that answer, the world infers who you are. however since i'm not working, i've burnt that bridge of social interaction and that's that. i'm also not playing a specific game that promises direction, structure or purpose.

if we were to ask James Carse, he would say i'm playing the infinite game. to me, i'm just playing the game of life, which is precisely that; infinite. death (which i see as a part of life) reminds me that i'm just 'playing' the game of life. so i take my play of life seriously, not life itself.

i'm not focused on achieving, accomplishing or even learning anything from this experience. this maybe seen as a lack of ambition, and i'm totally down with that. i've never been particularly driven by worldly pursuits and maybe i'm just on a fool's errand๐Ÿƒto play without purpose.

survival is the primal game

survival is our primary purpose as creatures who then procreate to propagate the species and evolve collectively. of course you can game that system and evolve individually through any number of cheat codes; psychedelics, contemplation, meditation, pranayama, and what have you.

i like to look at FFF as the primal gameplay for survival: feeding, fucking and fighting

in the modern world, that mutates into fun, fame, fortune. of the three, i'm focused on fun and i'm not chasing either fame or fortune. never been an ambitious fella so not likely to change now

status signaling

down to play. that's my eternal status, and i'm happy to join your game if you're focused first on fun, before fame & fortune. that's just how i roll, even if you think i'm just being droll

my game may take you places or leave you picking up the pieces. i'm good with either consequences. are you?

owning the narrative

embrace my ideology, not absorb my identity. i don't care about 'owning' play, or playing the branding game. if that's how people choose to see me in the playground of life, i'm cool with it. but i'm not a slave of my identity and don't wish to enslave other's in the same.

i'm not here to win people over and build audiences as my personal army in this war of narratives. neither do i wish to play messiah and rescue people from drudgery and mundane routine to whisk you away to a land of festivity & fantasy. but if you hang with me, it will happen, even if it's not my job to ensure that it does.

games people play

you may imagine some games to be glorious and some spurious, but to me they make no difference. maybe you want to save mankind, maybe destroy it. whether you choose to play hero or villain, it makes no difference to me.

as the Joker, i'll play any game,
without care for fortune or fame.
celebrate or vilify my name,
you are still playing my game!

down to play

dance with me in the madness of the moment, without care for who's watching for this is just play, not performance. this here is all there is, so don't let life take the piss. smile aplenty and sing off key, for the true key is your chi.

if you're focused on the outcome of the game, your play will be so very lame, and you won't win over luck, the lovely dame ๐Ÿ€

i'll be your friend till the end. will call you out when you're over the bend. let's be cringy instead of scroungy. plenty to go around, so don't worry if you're hungry ๐Ÿ˜‹

fame and fortune will chase you if you're really, really, really having fun. catch me if you are down to play and let's sing & dance under the sun together! โ˜€๏ธ