where do i want to go

a question not just for the drunken sailor at the edge of the world but for us all, sitting on the brink of life, looking back at the ragged dreams of our youth

we used to ask ourselves this every single day, with eyes wide, hearts unscarred by the cynic's sneer - why do those questions fade?

as kids, the world was a map unrolled, edges burning, beckoning. every corner a promise. then life, like a bawdy bartender, serves up a cocktail of routines, responsibilities. and somewhere along the way, the map folds itself up

but what if we dared to spread it out again every night?

forget the to-do list. that’s a shackle. write a to-go list!

let's scribble not what we must do, but where we yearn to go. in the velvet embrace of sleep, let your mind wander the paths not taken, the roads that stretch out with the promise of dawn

morning comes with its own revelations. you'll find, perhaps, the zephyr has whispered secrets in your ear of how to tread the path you dreamed of. with each sunrise, awaken with a direction, a desire, a fire. this isn't just a new day; it's an unexplored planet awaiting your curiosity, to kindle it to life

compounding growth? sounds like a strategy for stocks, not souls. i'm after warmth, the kind that flows from the heart when the eyes see wonder, when the feet wander towards wonder. the to-go list, it’s less about lists, more about lifting your gaze to the stars ✨🤩

so let’s write it down. where we want to go, not as a chore, but as a chant to the moon, a prayer to the pavement underfoot. with every step, hop, skip, and jump. life shouldn’t be a trudge through mud but a dance; a dizzying waltz towards who we want to be!

every morning, an adventure. every day, a step towards that infinite horizon. life is waiting. let’s wander not just towards but 'with' wonder. this is the journey!

not measured by the miles we cover but by the moments that take our breath away. are you ready to go?