why did i start playing in the mud

my earliest adventures as a playful human began with a closeness to the earth. as an urban child i didn't get to play in the mud as much as an animal in the wild or a farmer's child. but thanks to my mother being a green thumb, there were always pots and plants aplenty. and every odd weekend we'd be getting our hands dirty repotting plants.

i vividly remember eating earthworms just to freak the other kids out. my attention seeking behavior aside there was a sense of groundedness that came from playing in the mud, being connected to the soul... oops i mean soil. or was it the soul indeed?

whatever it was, that connection was slowly lost as my contact with the raw earth. wearing shoes became a socially mandated necessity and dipping one's hands in the mud was frowned upon. suddenly getting dirty was a negative thing. huh? go figure, society is crazy

this sanitized society we've come to called the civilized world soon removed all my contact with soil as i played on cement, walked on tarmac, and sat on plastic. unknowingly my soul craved for the lost connection but the world kept me busy with enough distractions.