all the gear all the time

'all the gear all the time' or (ATGATT) is a principle and mindset often promoted among motorcycle riders, emphasizing the importance of wearing full protective gear whenever riding.

ATGATT encourages you to wear protective gear consistently, regardless of the distance or type of ride - even short trips or seemingly low-risk situations.

adventure and off-road riding requires different gear from road riding or track racing so kit up accordingly:
1. helmet: high-quality, properly fitting helmet is most important so don't lowball yourself. it should be certified by safety standards and designed specifically for off-road or adventure riding, offering protection to your head, face, and chin with enough ventilation to breathe easy.
2. off-road/adventure riding boots: sturdy, knee-high boots with good grip, ankle support and shin protection are essential. they ought to protect you against impacts, abrasions, and offer waterproof or water-resistant features to keep your feet dry (especially on long excursions).
3. riding pants and jersey: purpose-built off-road or adventure riding gear offer better flexibility, durability, and protection - reinforced panels in high-impact areas and ventilation to keep you cool during rides. staying cool is more important than looking cool.
4. body armor: off-road or adventure-specific body armor provides additional protection for your chest, back, and neck. this gear is designed to absorb impacts and distribute the forces, reducing the risk of injury in case of a fall or collision with other riders.
5. knee and elbow guards: you're gonna need all the protection for your knees and elbows you can get so wear purpose-built guards not something designed for something else. these guards should be comfortable, adjustable, and cover the vulnerable areas effectively.
6. gloves: off-road gloves should offer a good grip, protection for your hands, and be breathable. they should have reinforced knuckles and palms to safeguard against impacts and abrasions. you'll also want them to be thin enough to transmit feedback from your handlebar grips.
7. goggles or riding glasses: protecting your eyes from debris, dust, and wind is crucial. off-road goggles offer shatterproof lenses and a snug fit to shield your eyes while maintaining good visibility. remember even a slight scrape by a thin twig at high speeds can be deadly. ensure they fit right with your chosen helmet.
8. hydration pack: staying hydrated during off-road adventures is necessary to stay at the top of your game. if you're not alert, attention will waver and you'll make mistakes you normally wouldn't. wear a hydration pack that allows you to carry water conveniently, helping you stay refreshed and sharp throughout your rides.

prioritize your safety, mitigate potential risks associated with motorcycling, and promote responsible riding. this proactive behavior of always wearing appropriate gear reminds you accidents can happen any time! better safe than sorry eh?

this is my journey with motorcycles and mud, wanna ride with me?