ride with reddy

people might say i'm no good and that i'm up to no good. won't disagree with 'em cuz what do people know anyway? i'm here to fuck around and have fun! all other profound transformational experiences are simply side effects of playing freely and fully.

if you're excited by the prospect of exploring infinite possibilities thru free wheeling play, join me and we'll ride together into the infinite horizon. we'll get to know each other as well as ourselves better as we dance with a healthy dose of fun and fear on these expeditions into the wild.

micro adventures

these quickies will be a short half day ride out into the wild. expect anything from a sunrise to sunset adventure or sometimes we'll be back home in time for lunch. ideal for those mid week blues when you can't wait for the weekend.

mini adventures

here's where you can expect some overnight camping or enjoying local hospitality in a homestay. weekend rides can be the regular one night two days affair or the extended two nights three days when you get lucky with an extra holiday.

mega adventures

this is where all hell breaks loose and we let the dogs out! pack your bags for a fortnight or a month on the road and bid farewell to friends & family. turn your world upside down much like those roller coaster rides you enjoyed as a kid!

how much?

in recent times, adventurous expeditions have been bankrolled by political, religious, and corporate orgs. but i don't fancy handouts of any kind so i'm not looking for sponsors. instead i seek impassioned players to embark on a self-funded, small group adventure.

let's get this show on the road ourselves. some of y'all might bring big moneybags, some might bring uniquely relevant skills, and we need all kinds to make this a party 🥳 what we don't need is excess baggage so park your ego at the door. this isn't a transactional tour company/customer engagement but a transformational experience for everyone involved.

pillions with benefits

talking about everyone, the benefits here are intended not only for us but also the communities we ride thru on our adventures. the goal is for us urban 'tourists' to play together with rural locals at creating and sharing stories of life (rapidly changing) at the grassroots level.

forget corporate social responsibility, let's focus on individual social responsibility and uplift not only our own spirits but also those around us. this isn't going to be an easy 'drop some money in a hat' sorta experience but we're gonna get down in the trenches for some hands on engagement. we're not gonna civilize the savages, rather savage us civilians.