inviting newbies to play

what i love most about motorcycling is the low floor and high ceiling, meaning that it is easily accessible to absolute beginners yet provides vast opportunities for mastery even to skilled experts. bought a bike on saturday evening and sunday morning i was on a 3000km round trip with no clue. doesn't get easier than that, does it?

easy to ride

motorcycles come in various sizes and styles, including beginner-friendly models that are designed to be more approachable and manageable if you're new to riding.

if you're wise enough to seek proper instruction and diligent enough to practice, you can quickly gain mad skills. if you're bullheaded and believe you don't need skills you're still good to crunch miles. the journey is always more fun, much safer, and far more sustainable with relevant skills tho.

there are enough affordable entry-level motorcycles for you to indulge this hobby without financial struggle. the used market also has well cared for machines so you can invest the savings in better safety gear.

newcomers 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 old-timers

as a newcomer, ride with those who have more experience and expertise than you. listen to their stories, their opinions, and their warnings. whether you stare wide eyed or question 'em skeptically is unimportant really. just hanging around is the key.

the community is in harmony when newcomers and old-timers come together to hang or ride. the motorcycling community is inclusive and accepts all kinda humans as members, so drop your labels and become a rider, biker, motorcyclist, racer, etc. only thing that matters is your willingness to hop on that saddle and hit the open road.

shut up and practise

remember, practice and experience are vital to improving these skills. gradually push your limits and consider taking training courses specific to off-road riding, terrain navigation, and survival skills to enhance your abilities and confidence on the trails. not only will you improve your own game but also become an asset for others playing alongside.

a great place to meet other adventure riders is at off-road training programs. many are tailored to beginners, providing essential training, guidance, and hands-on practice to ensure safe riding habits. easier to learn right in the beginning than to unlearn wrong habits later down the road.

the road to mastery

mastery is like the horizon, you're always riding towards it but you never quite reach there. practise can be painful and learning is challenging but...

instead of obsessing on the path, and the process i'm just gonna keep my eyes peeled towards the horizon and allow my feet to catch up whichever way they can. i will stumble, i will fall. i will bleed, and i will crawl. but even when i sprawl, my eyes will forever remain in thrall.

as newbies gain experience, they can delve into more advanced riding techniques for better cornering, braking, or body positioning. all skills require practice, honing, and an understanding of your motorcycle's dynamics.

track days and racing events offer newcomers a graded progress plan. such environments offer everyone the opportunity to refine riding skills, play against each other, and enjoy the thrill of pushing man and machine to the limit.

if you're seeking different kind of challenges, long-distance adventure riding or endurance events provide opportunities to test your physical and mental resilience, navigation skills, and adaptability in various terrains and conditions.

don't rush it

your journey may start with basic motorcycle training, slowly gaining confidence and skills. you'll then start exploring local roads, soon joining group rides and eventually experiencing the camaraderie of the motorcycling community. over time, you'll venture forth on longer trips, tackle winding mountain roads, wrangle thru gnarly off-road trails and embrace the freedom and exhilaration that motorcycling offers.

or maybe you'll start as a casual commuter but develop a passion for motorcycles. start investing time and effort in enhancing your riding abilities, taking advanced training courses and practicing techniques like trail braking or mastering slow-speed maneuvers. eventually, become an instructor, share your knowledge and help others progress on their motorcycling journey.

many paths up the mountain

motorcycling provides a starting point accessible to all, while also offering varied paths to the ever elusive pinnacle of perfection. the end is irrelevant really while the beginning in imperative. along the way you may choose to develop riding skills, maintenance and repair toolmanship, or specialization as an instructor.

regardless of the path you choose, expect personal and interpersonal growth. motorcycling as an activity and endeavor allows you to set your own goals and discover new challenges at your own pace, making it a rewarding and fulfilling hobby for a wide range of enthusiasts.

with easy access to eye grabbing reels on instagram, you may find yourself as a newcomer just skimming the surface and not truly soaking in the spirit of motorcycling and adventure riding. so i invite you to kick back, make time and watch some long form motorcycling stories which i'll keep updating so drop your recommendations as well.

keep riding
keep smiling

this is my journey with motorcycles and mud, wanna ride with me?