enter the rabbit hole

enter the rabbit hole, my friend, even if it is a treacherous place indeed. curiosity or rebellion may drive us to explore these dark depths, but heed my words: it's not for the faint of heart. this uncharted territory requires a map - even if we know not where it leads.

while timeless principles may guide our descent into the abyss, purpose above all else is vital.

seek answers from those who've journeyed before - their tales and experiences offer wisdom in navigating the best and worst practices of chasing rabbits through shadowy tunnels.

alone or with fellow seekers, inviting others to join us on this wild pursuit can prove mutually beneficial. together we traverse twisted paths towards discovery, improving our chances at finding whatever it is we seek down there in the darkness.

once emerged from below, how do we aid others in their own adventures into these subterranean realms? sharing our stories and experiences might illuminate their way while enriching all involved.

so let's grow as wanderers of these secret passages – learning from one another's journeys and weaving tales that benefit all who dare to follow in our footsteps.

therefore i hereby implore/inspire/incite/invite/instigate you to enter the rabbit hole and play!

  1. know your why
  2. choose your game
  3. toy of choice
  4. play basic
  5. play solo
  6. buddy play
  7. group play
  8. playing safely with danger
  9. playing with skills
  10. minimum viable play is the way
  11. more noise with your toys
  12. clean up after yourself
  13. help others
  14. festive fiesta
  15. back to your why

if these resonate with you, lets play together