back to your why

return to innocence

we talked of rabbit hole adventurers uniting in a festive event, and it hit us - the personal curiosity that sparked this journey ain't your main drive no more. not to say you lost that youthful fire or beginner's zest, but now you've grown wise enough to value others' experiences above your own game. ain't a flaw; it's evolution.

the once finite quest for self-knowledge has morphed into an infinite realm of sharing and perpetuating the adventure beyond its borders. giving matters more than gaining, and that shift keeps the rabbit hole alive even when personal interest wanes. you care differently now, so take a peek at your original manifesto – find new reasons lurking within.

rewrite that sucker today, ponder how you've changed as a player. mastery ain't about outplaying everyone else; true mastery is knowing the game inside-out until player and game merge into one harmonious being. competition? pointless. best in the game? buddy, you are the game.

boundaries dissolve: player identity, levels obsession – all gone like smoke rings blown by dr gonzo himself on some desert road trip with bats swooping down around him... ahem! anyway...

now we got an infinite big picture experience unfolding before our eyes where enjoyment reigns supreme - share it! invite others in! inspire them to play too! all those initial reasons for playing have been fulfilled; playing with others brought us closer together...and now we can show 'em what this wild ride is truly about.