toy of choice

playing favourites

in your pursuit of a chosen rabbit hole, selecting the right game and toy is crucial. for instance, if music is your rabbit hole, you might be drawn to performance-oriented games with instruments as your toys. but which instrument best suits you?

reflecting on childhood favorites could provide insight into your ideal toy; familiarity often leads to sustained interest. however, practicality should also be considered - simpler and more portable toys are likely to be used more frequently.

your personality can influence the choice: earthy individuals may prefer percussion instruments while those with a flighty nature might opt for wind instruments. alternatively, exploring an unfamiliar option could prove intriguing.

before settling on a specific toy, invest time in researching options and seeking advice from experts or experienced users. don't simply follow trends or base decisions solely on brand popularity; consider what genuinely appeals to you.

sometimes choosing an obscure instrument can create uniqueness that attracts attention rather than opting for well-known ones deemed "cool" by others. ultimately, regardless of the rabbit hole pursued, devote ample time and thought into determining the most suitable toy for continued play.