minimum viable play is the way

minimum viable play is the only way to keep playing

diving into a rabbit hole, enthusiasm and curiosity fuel your pursuit. however, the end may seem elusive, and you might wonder why you started in the first place. adhering to this framework keeps your "why" within reach and ever-evolving. remember your initial reasons for embarking on this journey; revisit them often.

the waning excitement isn't a flaw but rather an indication that the journey outweighs the destination. it's about experiences gained along the way - boredom and disinterest included. to truly understand this, one must experience it firsthand: "the shortest way to heaven is through hell."

establish a minimum viable practice (mvp) for daily engagement with your game or skillset – whether two minutes per hour or 20 minutes per day. consistency in practicing towards growth matters more than intensity.

challenges may arise during your rabbit hole exploration; feedback mechanisms indicate areas needing improvement, such as lacking foundational knowledge or not having stimulating partners. perhaps you're playing too safe or need further upskilling.

address these issues by committing to mvp each day: what's the least effort required for progress? record this in a book as your current mvp level, knowing that it will change over time based on circumstances and goals.

maintain clarity regarding mvp levels by updating them in your manifesto of "why." let those motivations guide consistent efforts towards self-improvement through regular practice sessions – compounding growth awaits!