choose your game

choosing games and toys to play 'with' instead of lessons and tools to learn 'from'

diving down the rabbit hole involves a sense of abandon, unlike the structured and procedural approach often developed during early childhood and youth. this is driven by curiosity rather than curriculum, making it a unique way to seek knowledge.

a great method for embracing this curious exploration is choosing a game related to your subject of interest. once you've selected a game that helps you delve further into your rabbit hole, pick a toy that aligns with your nature and play style. this will make learning more playful and enjoyable compared to rigid curriculum-based methods.

for example, if your rabbit hole involves physical activities like weightlifting, instead of following standard gym procedures, choose an unconventional object as your "toy" for lifting - such as throwing stones around rather than picking up weights at the gym. similarly, if writing interests you, experiment with different styles or emulate your favorite author's techniques in lieu of traditional writing lessons.

the key here is turning exploration into an engaging game rather than treating it as an educational experience akin to school curriculums or university syllabi. since exploring the unknown depths of one's rabbit hole can be uncertain and full of variables yet undiscovered; finding exciting games with challenging toys provides both stimulation and connection between mind & body throughout this journey.

in conclusion: embrace curiosity-driven exploration by selecting games & toys relevant to your interests while avoiding rigid structure found in conventional education systems.