know your why

understanding your motivation before entering rabbit holes

the initial step in venturing into a rabbit hole, whether by walking, diving or jumping, is asking yourself why. are you seeking an escape or yearning for exploration? understanding the energy driving this curiosity is crucial to your journey.

determine if your motivation stems from escaping something behind you or being drawn towards new experiences ahead. there isn't a right or wrong reason; however, recognizing which force propels you forward will help shape your path.

once the energy source is identified, delve deeper into why you wish to explore this particular rabbit hole. consider it as crafting your personal manifesto for entering this uncharted territory. ponder questions like: what do i expect to gain? how long will my exploration last? do i want to share my findings with others?

while immediate answers aren't necessary, playing with these questions and outlining your manifesto provides a foundation for future reflection. document your thoughts so that during the journey – regardless of how they may change – they remain accessible and serve as reminders of why you embarked on this quest.

whether shared with others or kept private, having a visible reminder of your manifesto can provide daily motivation when faced with challenges along the way. remember why you started and persevere even when things become more difficult than anticipated.