more noise with your toys

enhancing your toys to upgrade your game

we've covered upskilling, but what about enhancing your toys? improving your playthings can expand your energy and excitement in the game. it's a common misconception that toys aren't important or are the most crucial aspect of a game. in reality, both views hold some truth: while your skill matters more than the toy itself, well-chosen playthings can change how you perceive and use those skills.

toys for beginners may differ from those designed for advanced players; knowing where you stand is essential when leveling up your equipment. whether it's a motorcycle, climbing shoes or musical instrument, investing in higher quality items might increase engagement with an activity. remember to value yourself as worthy of such investments.

it's crucial to know which toys you started with, currently have and aim to acquire on this journey. treat them well by maintaining their condition without abusing them—there is a difference between hard usage and abuse. even neglecting them entirely or not caring for them properly constitutes mistreatment.

find that sweet spot between using toys effectively, frequently and ensuring they remain at peak performance just like you do. keeping your tools sharp will help maintain excellence in any pursuit.

when upgrading or advancing to better equipment, consider sharing old possessions with others who are still progressing through earlier stages of their journey. being part of a community means supporting one another—a valued player is cherished by all involved.