play solo

exploring rabbit holes by embracing solitude and growth

diving into a rabbit hole can be a challenging and lonely experience. in traditional learning environments, you usually have peers, teachers or mentors to guide and accompany you. however, when exploring a rabbit hole, it's common to find yourself alone without knowing where to go or who to follow.

while this may seem like a drawback, it also offers the freedom of exploration without expectations or comparisons. there are no set destinations or deadlines; you're free to move at your own pace and choose your own path. this newfound freedom might be disconcerting for those accustomed to structured guidance and support from others.

when unsure about what direction to take within the rabbit hole, revisiting the basics is always helpful. although it may feel regressive at times, answers for future progress often lie in understanding past fundamentals.

playing solo has its benefits as well: independence from external motivation allows for self-reliance on curiosity and consistency. make time each day for solo play by mastering the basics of your chosen pursuit - even if it seems boring initially.

to combat feelings of loneliness during solitary exploration, observe and document your experiences along the way: emotions felt while playing alone; physical movements made; skill development (or lack thereof). these records not only serve as logs of personal growth but also remind us that we can simultaneously be observers, cheerleaders and coaches throughout our journey.

in summary:

enjoy the game!