group play

group play helps you grow in unexpected ways

once you've established a strong rapport with a buddy in this rabbit hole adventure, there's a certain level of comfort and confidence that may slow you down.

to keep things interesting and stay open to new ideas, consider turning it into a multiplayer game.

opening up to play with others involves meeting players you don't yet know. some might be friendly, some hostile, some delightful, some disturbing.

knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses helps identify what traits are lacking in your duo. by seeking out individuals who possess these qualities, your team can become even stronger.

to find suitable additions for your group, list both your own and your partner's strengths and weaknesses. be on the lookout for players who complement those skills but also need assistance in areas where you excel. this creates a peer-based learning experience that doesn't rely on top-down teaching methods.

the foundation built during solo play can now extend into multiplayer mode through observation, documentation, and sharing between peers.

as one person observes another's actions or progress, they document their observations which then get shared with the group. this cycle continues as feedback is given based on those shared documents.

while this might sound complex at first glance, this process simply consists of two elements: observing/documenting and sharing/connecting them together in an ongoing loop among your small group.

maintaining these smaller-sized circles allows everyone to know each player’s name along with their strengths/weaknesses without needing an elaborate management process.

in summary, you can build upon individual (solo) gameplay experiences by strengthening bonds with your buddy. both of you can then collectively play within larger yet intimate circles for sustained growth.

while you may not find all aspects of growth thru one group alone, you can always explore multiple groups to find what you're looking for.