clean up after yourself

self-care and DIY toy maintenance (and repair) optimises game

maintaining both yourself and your toys in top condition is crucial when playing the game. one way to achieve this is by learning to clean up, fix, and maintain your belongings as well as yourself.

it's fascinating how much self-management can be improved through perfecting the condition of your toys. some may find it simpler to keep themselves in good shape for optimal gameplay, while others prioritize maintaining their toys. either way, these skills should be interchangeable or at least share similar principles and traits.

taking care of oneself goes hand-in-hand with caring for one's possessions. consider a biker with a motorcycle: knowing how to repair and maintain that vehicle is vital. understanding what tasks you can handle independently and which require expert assistance ensures a smooth journey without crashing out early on.

similarly, take care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually; support your teammates while trusting they have your back. ensure strong bonds with fellow players so you can rely on each other during the game.

mastering self-care alongside taking care of others keeps the finite game progressing towards an infinite horizon— all starting from something as mundane as keeping toys in prime condition for playtime. remember that every action has far-reaching consequences when choosing both games and personal growth within them