buddy play

playing with a buddy is a flywheel for exponential growth

once you have honed your skills in solo play, it will be beneficial to partner with a buddy. this is because collaborating with another player can significantly boost your progress along the path. acting as each other's flywheel, you can share observations and documentation from individual gameplay while simultaneously challenging and encouraging one another.

the dynamic between players can take on various forms - friends or even frenemies - both of which serve unique purposes. interestingly, we are often more motivated by antagonistic relationships than supportive ones. there is motivation that stems from encouragement, but an entirely different kind arises when someone challenges or mocks us.

with a gaming partner who can assume dual roles – friend and foe – you essentially become a "dual fuel engine." depending on your personality and the specific context or situation at hand, either encouragement or discouragement may propel you further.

it is not uncommon for players to initially dive into rabbit holes with enthusiasm only to eventually feel stuck or disinterested. in such cases, having a buddy who knows when to provide support or challenge proves invaluable for rekindling that fire within.

this versatile partnership creates a flywheel effect: when one person falters, the other offers encouragement or opposition as needed. being able to fulfill both best friend forever (bff) and best enemy forever (bef) roles makes for powerful game-changers regardless of what game is being played or which rabbit hole has been ventured down.

in summary: while building a strong foundation through solo play remains crucial, always be on the lookout for potential buddies who will help foster growth - whether through positive reinforcement or antagonistic energy. finding someone capable of playing these dual roles could very well catapult your gameplay experience to new heights!