festive fiesta

festival of wonder in a curious gathering of wanderers

when you dive down the rabbit hole, curiosity fuels you without a map or destination. it's thrilling to meet fellow travelers in this scary space. but finding them ain't easy, so why not create your own gathering? start a festival - share energy, experiences and lessons with passion instead of chasing profits.

the goal: enjoy the ride while learning from each other. respect others' stories as they enrich your own and inspire new adventurers. we're all on this journey together; our paths may differ but our destinations are the same.

so how do you kick off such an event? don't worry about scale – even a small group will do. build upon these principles for success:

  1. look back: bond over shared history by discussing past adventures and those who've traveled further than us.
  2. bridge gaps: bring old timers and newcomers together to energize both groups – wisdom meets enthusiasm.
  3. play nice: teach basic etiquette for navigating the rabbit hole without hurting others.
  4. engage outsiders: interact with those beyond the rabbit hole; one day they might join us too.

imagine future possibilities down that curious tunnel - what if scenarios lead to fresh ways of exploring when everyone returns to their individual journeys.

whether it lasts hours or days, organize consistent gatherings where people can anticipate sharing their tales every year. welcome to the festival of wanderers in search of deeper truths...