help others

level up together cuz helping one another is the real game

level up in any game, my friends – be it life or some other twisted rabbit hole you find yourself in. how? help others, that's the ticket. sounds wild, but helping them helps you.

you've crawled down the damn rabbit hole and know your game inside out: strengths, weaknesses, solo play and teamwork. now armed with all that knowledge, you're ready to guide others who are curious or stuck at lower levels.

start with a simple intention to lend a hand – then build a small circle around it. expand that into larger communities by celebrating milestones together; throw impromptu parties for victories and failures alike 'cause every twist in this mad adventure teaches us something new.

share your tales from the depths of the rabbit hole with others; relive those experiences as they ask questions making you contemplate things anew. now look at that! more learnings emerge not just for them but also for yourself.

so dive deeper into this journey by helping one soul or creating tight-knit groups of like-minded adventurers - organize festivals large in spirit if not numbers. what truly matters is sharing growth whatever bizarre realm we find ourselves tangled up in.