playing for keeps

playing for keeps is an expression from the 1800s relevant to the game of marbles. the players would play for fun or for keeps. when playing for keeps, the winning player keeps all the marbles they won. when playing for fun, the winning player gives the marbles back to the losing player after the game is over.

pick your poison

competitive off-road or adventure riding is a broad style of motorcycling that encompasses various styles, types, and categories catering to different preferences and skill sets:

  1. enduro: enduro riding combines elements of off-road racing and endurance. riders navigate through challenging terrains, including trails, woods, hills, and obstacles. enduro events are typically held over long distances and require riders to showcase their skills in various off-road conditions.
  2. motocross: motocross is a high-intensity, closed-course racing sport held on specially designed dirt tracks. it involves jumps, sharp turns, and challenging obstacles. motocross events are often divided into different classes based on engine displacement and rider skill levels.
  3. rally raid: rally raid, also known as cross-country rally, is an adventure sport that combines off-road riding and navigation skills. competitors ride long distances over multiple days, navigating through different terrains using roadbooks or gps systems. the most famous example of rally raid is the dakar rally.
  4. hard enduro: hard enduro events are known for their extreme difficulty and demanding off-road courses. these races push riders to their limits with rugged terrain, steep hills, rocky sections, and challenging obstacles. popular hard enduro events include erzbergrodeo, romaniacs, and hell's gate.
  5. adventure rallies: adventure rallies are long-distance, multi-day events designed to test riders' endurance, navigation skills, and adaptability. participants embark on adventurous journeys, navigating through diverse landscapes and terrains while overcoming various challenges along the way. examples include the bmw motorrad international gs trophy and the honda africa twin adventure sports challenge.
  6. trials: trials riding is a technical discipline that requires riders to navigate through obstacles without touching the ground with their feet. it demands precise control, balance, and finesse as riders conquer sections consisting of rocks, logs, and other challenging terrain features.
  7. cross-country racing: cross-country racing involves long-distance races held on natural terrain, such as forests, deserts, or open fields. riders compete to complete a designated course in the shortest time possible, facing varying challenges along the way.

these are some examples of the diverse styles, types, and categories of competitive off-road and adventure riding. each discipline offers its own unique challenges and attracts riders with different preferences and skill sets. whether it's the speed and adrenaline of motocross or the endurance and navigation skills required in rally raid, there's a style of off-road competition for every one of you adventure enthusiasts out there. pick your poison.

if you're still curious about competition, you might find the rest of this post insightful...

competition is important

competition can serve both positive and negative purposes in various contexts so it's on each individual to realize importance in their life.

  1. excellence: competition can motivate individuals and groups to strive for excellence, pushing them to improve their skills, knowledge, and peak performance output.
  2. innovation: groups or individuals seek to outdo one another via innovation and advancements not only in automotive technology but also race tactics and strategies. competition spurs creativity within constraints.
  3. personal growth: competition challenges you to prioritize personal growth, develop discipline and perseverance, be patient, and play nicely with a diverse team of individuals.

competition is prevalent

competition is inherent in society. it taps into our innate human nature and channelizes our primal drive for survival and the desire to succeed thru self-improvement. even modern socio-economic systems are market-based systems that thrive on competition to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth.

without competition as an inherent element of sport and games, the masses would be deprived of entertainment, excitement, and a platform for discovering skills and talent from the billions of humans teeming on this planet.

that said, you'd do well to note

competition can be a driving force for fun, growth and progress, but don't lose balance and remember that collaboration can offer all that without rivalry as fuel.

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