why you ought to get muddy

not too many motorcyclists enjoy riding off-road and the majority stick to playing on perfectly laid tarmac stretches for miles. if you are one of 'em you need to at least read further if not ride further.

carefree childhood careful adulthood

playing in the mud is strongly associated with childhood memories of carefree play and exploration. before obsessive sanitizing, behaving properly, and social decorum began to weigh heavy on our minds ie. so as grownups when you chose to drop that burden and jump into the mud you return once again to that playful fountain of youth. there's much fun to be had from indulging in some good old-fashioned mud play.

no doubt there are dangers associated with getting dirty, hygiene being a primary topic of paranoia in the urban mind. but our bodies rely on bacteria to maintain a healthy gut and immune system. in modern society our lack of exposure to beneficial bacteria, can weaken our immune systems.

playing in the mud can introduce our bodies to a range of bacteria, from harmless to potentially beneficial strains which can help to improve gut health, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. sure, i'm just selling playing in the mud and not all bacteria are beneficial, some can be harmful so don't go chugging down dollops of dirt the next time you fall down when riding off-road.

soul-soil connection

there's something about being in nature that stimulates the senses, alleviates stress, promotes creativity and inspires imagination. everyone knows this which is why we take vacations to natural parks in the wild rather than amusement parks in the city. why not find a hobby that takes you further into the wild than you dare to go?

growing up in cities and towns, we're often hesitant to explore the wild without reason. thru most of our holiday excursions in nature, we're hand held by tour guides and strait jacketed by tourist traps. but what if you could rediscover your inherent wildness by dancing with that edge of fear and desire? you'd need an excuse to get out there first and what better than off-road adventure motorcycling?

explore your environment

most of y'all reading this grew up in urban spaces with little or no access to natural environments with mud and water bodies around. words can't do justice to what spending time in nature can do for man. it's each one's individual journey to engage with and explore our natural habitat.

hiking, climbing and mountain biking are wonderful excuses to spend time in nature, to learn about the world around us as well as about our own limits. i'd include off-road adventure motorcycling in that list but it's unique as it brings both modern and primal worlds together. unlike track sports and road riding this is unstructured play that encourages exploration, experimentation, and problem-solving skills.

the stress busters

while not an Ayurvedic mud bath in a Balinese spa, playing in the mud can still help reduce stress/anxiety, amp up your mood, and enter a state of calm. it not only brings you closer in touch with yourself, and our natural habitat but also help build and strengthen bonds with those you play with. oh did i mention you'll create memories that will last a lifetime (or five minutes of instagram fame whichever lasts lesser).

off-roading buddies become fast friends because while playing in the mud you find yourself in a pickle every now and then. and you quickly realize the limits of your own self as well as your machine. but your buds will help you out, drag you out of the mud, dust you off, and send you on your way again! you learn to trust each other while also growing confident in your own abilities. so, next time you see a mud puddle, you won't shy away from it - you'll dive right in!

save the world for others

why would you care to save the world when you don't even know what it's all about? most urban dwellers don't know what the world outside of the concrete jungle is like. so they can barely be expected to passionately care about the earth and environment.

but those of us getting down and dirty in the great outdoors connect with nature and appreciate the importance of preserving such habitats. the more we play in the wild, the more inspired our love for nature and the desire to protect it for future generations.

beyond just cleaning up after ourselves on the trails, let this also be a reminder to play nice with nature, to explore not exploit the outdoors, to discover not destroy terrains, to harmonize with not harm animals, and to connect with rural communities for sustainable growth.

this is my journey with motorcycles and mud, wanna ride with me?