earthworms on the menu

this one time, we were repotting plants in my mother's prized garden and i found an earthworm in the mud. looking at how grossed out the other kids got, i knew there was only one thing to do, so i did it! 🪱😋

and faster than the eye can blink, that earthworm was on it's way down my throat. in hindsight, it's amusing to think how it's remains would eventually find it's ways back into the soil from whence it came.

playing in the mud

whether you ate earthworms or not, we all grew up playing in the mud. and enjoy it, we did. it has a grounding effect on us that balances that frantic energy of youth.

it's not only an enjoyable experience but a necessary one. whether it was playing with the mud or on it, mud offered a base to build different games upon. what's the reason, you wonder?

well, i'll leave you to do your own research on why but for now fun is sufficient reason. mud offers multitude of textures. mud is softer than concrete and cushions the many falls. it leaves a stain and who doesn't like to flaunt proof of play?

the most important aspect however is that mud is alive. it is teeming with life whether it's the plants that grow from it, or the insects and animals burrowing thru it. mud reminds us that humans aren't the only creatures on this planet.

mud nourishes us to grow tall and play strong while also whispering memento mori, reminding us this game is finite.

playing with water

without water within it, mud cannot nourish and nurture us. water made the hard mud soft enough to play in. water brought out the scent and soulful flavor of earth when it rained upon it.

water made a mess of our muddy playgrounds and that's feature not bug! maybe i needed to cool my heels or just splash muck over everyone around. either way, playing in the puddles created by mud and water was magical.

depending on how much or how little water there was, everything could change. from the texture to the consistency of the paste that resulted. yes! that soul enriching slush fest we all enjoyed as kids.

paint your clothes or your face, it didn't matter so long as it was being splattered everywhere. if mud has that grounding effect then water has that invigorating effect that tingles and tantalizes the spirit of playfulness.

together they are every child's favorite playground; to explore, to experiment, to embrace, to indulge in mess making without guilt and shame.

why stop playing?

if it was all so much fun why did we stop playing with mud and water? there's no easy answer but there's no dearth of reasons why either.

our habitats are increasingly closed to the elements and we started by cruelly separating the two. mud was deprived of water and thrown into sandpits. water was cemented into a swimming pool. we got to play with both, just not together.

even this divided play was not to be. convinced of the need for clinical sterility in our environment, we soon disappeared into buildings of cement and steel, devoid of exposure to either of these elements. maybe few times a year we'd experience them and convince ourselves a holiday was enough.

is it tho? if you listen quietly you'll hear the soul crave a return to the soil. and a mud pack in your favorite Balinese resort won't quite cut it.

there's a difference between passive exposure and active exploration so we're gonna dive back into that lively mess.

start playing again!

welcome to muddy waters, a playground where you can make a mess and celebrate it! not a resort, not a spa, not just an escape, but more... so so much more!

why get muddy, you ask? if you expect answers to this question, you are exactly the right person for this playground. i'm not going to tell you more - come here and dig out the answers you seek in the puddles of mud and water waiting patiently for you.

come alone, or come along with friends and family, the playground is for everyone; young and old, two legged or four. we have experiences programed per time constraints, so your 'no time' excuse won't cut it here.

bring your favorite toys along, we won't stop you from spinning wheels in the mud if that's what it takes to get you started. but sooner or later the toys will fade away too and you'll rediscover the raw connection with mother earth.

ps. don't worry, you won't be served earthworms! 🪱😆